Sunday, January 13, 2013

Becoming A Thankful Person

My focus for this year is “Giving Thanks”. I want to become a thanks-giving person. A person with grace, peace. You know, a patient mother, a calm wife. A person you would like to spend time with.

This month I'm focusing on…

1. Write 3 blessings on my calendar each day. This helps me stop rushing through life long enough to look around me, and see my surroundings. Long enough to delight in God’s gift of life.

2. Sing while I work. Sing when I start feeling unglued. Sing before that hurry-panic feeling descends with all its controlling power.

How do you practice thankfulness?

Speaking positive to others

On my fridge I have written, “This year I want to focus on giving thanks. Life’s not an emergency. Just. Slow. Down.”

I intended that to mean that I would like to remember to stop doing, to take breaks and just cherish the moment, to whisper a thank you to God for the blessings He’s placed around me.

But I realized today that I also need to say thank-you to my three year old. Poor child, he hears far more “I don’t like when you do xyz” than “I like xyz about you.”

Yes, I need to focus on speaking positive to him, also.

The choice is yours

At the end of this inspiring post, FlyLady revealed her 2013 motto:

Words can be kind or mean
The choice is yours in 2013.

I modified it slightly to fit my own personal needs… I know that being kind to others is a choice. But I needed the reminder that I can be kind to myself. It is not required that I constantly beat myself up!

I grabbed my dry erase marker,

Marched to the fridge, and

Wrote it big and bold:

To others AND ME, I can be kind or mean.
The choice is mine in two thousand thirteen.

Perfection v. High Standard?

I’ve been struggling the past while to understand the difference between perfectionism and high standards.

Shooting for a lofty goal is good; expecting perfection is crippling. But what’s the difference??

You will know that you have reached your goal when it has become a habit. It is not perfection; you don’t have to do it right EVERY time, just most of the time.

## ### ## ### ## ### ## ###

I have created a new habit since the first of the year: going to bed earlier! At least, most evenings. :)

To give myself motivation, I joined a group of women who meet every weekday morning for Bible Study and to encourage each other. We are starting another Hello Mornings challenge in May. Registration starts Friday, April 26. We'd love for you to join us!!

Christian Community
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