Monday, January 30, 2012

Menu Plan Jan 30

My update from last week's goal: I washed the dishes 3 days out of 6... What can I say? I have lots of excuses, but that is all - just excuses.

Mini Goal for this week... None. Actually, I do have one, but you'll have to wait till next week to hear about it. I know I'm simple, but I can't keep two things in my head at one time. So I'll chose my goal today and then I'll have all week to write about it.

We enjoyed some new recipes last week:

Sticky Monkey Brains

Spicy Whiskey BBQ Sliders
These are wonderful! I did omit the whiskey.

Taco Dip
Absolutely worth trying!

We didn't get to several of our meals last week because we had a few leftovers that I hadn't planned on, a friend brought us a meal, we went to an open house one evening (free food!), and then I forgot that we were going to be at my parents one day. Hence, a few repeations from last week...

Oh no! I just went to look in the freezer; I thought we had 2 pack of chicken, but there isn't any left! I guess the I'll have to redo my menu...

Here's the updated version:

I'll be linking up to Menu Plan Monday.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trying to stay healthy

This spring I mentioned to a friend that our family had struggled with chest colds all winter. She sympathized and replied, "Yeah, my mom said that we were sick more frequently whenever we lived in a house with forced air heat."

Her comment interested me; I wondered if there was anything I could do to improve the air quality in our home without changing the furnace??

Later I heard that the local schoolteacher had put a humidifier in her classroom. She said, "Ever since, the children are not getting the flu or colds as frequently. And, when they do get sick, they recover faster."

Wonderful idea! I went out and bought a humidifier. I can definately say it made a difference the first part of the winter; we didn't have colds!

However, once it became cold enough that the furnace ran almost constantly, I could tell the humidifier was not keeping up. Soon we caught the flu and the chest cold in the same week. I started toying with the idea of buying another humidifier.

We run it in Bunny's room overnight, because his room is the most dry. One night my husband laid down in Bunny's bed for an hour. He said, "Wow, I could breath a lot easier there than in our bedroom!" I asked if it really made that much difference. He replied, "Oh yes! My mouth didn't dry out nearly as fast."

So we bought a second humidifier. And yes, the air is much easier to inhale now. I am looking forward to healthier days!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Menu Plan...Washing dishes.

My focus last week was on singing while I worked around the house. I didn't sing as much as I could or should have, but choosing to focus on that one goal helped.

Last month I stumbled upon, a really neat "program" to organizing your housework. The primary part being a daily routine. I was all ready to join Flylady until I discovered that she sends 10 emails a day. That's too many for me, so I decided to just go thru her Babysteps and also to look at her Flight Plan every weekday, where I try to follow the zones and Kelly's mission for the day.

This month I am still recuperating from Kitten's birth, so I trimmed my daily routine down to the absolute essentials. Therefore, instead of choosing to shine my sink, the first Flylady baby step, I'm going to modify that step to something that must be done. It is also something that my darling husband likes me to keep on to of. But I must confess, this is one thing I procrastinate doing...sometimes until there are no clean dishes left to eat off of. (Horrible, I know!) So, here goes:

My mini focus for the week... I want to wash the dishes EVERY day. Before supper. Evenings at our house are limited on time, so anything that can be done in the afternoon is a benefit. Wish me the best of luck and motivation!

On to my mega goal: Menu Planning...

Here are two meals we enjoyed last week:

These are good with or without the dip. Definately a keeper!

Crockpot Chicken Broccoli and Cheese

And here's the plan for this week:

I'm linked up to Menu Plan Monday.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A new blog and new goals

Hi, I'm new to the blog world. I hope you can all bear with me as I learn how to navigate. Feel free to give me advice on how this works!

I've created this blog for the purpose of clarifying my goals each week. And to make a few new friends along the way. Join me, if you dare.

I am the kind of person who is constantly reviewing myself to find areas where I can improve. And I have found lots of areas! I'm going to have to focus on one at a time so that I don't become overwhelmed.

I have decided that the habit which would make the most difference in my life is Menu Planning. That is, planning a whole week in advance instead of hours or minutes before supper!

So! My mega goal is to meal plan every week. I also want to make a rotating meal schedule, complete with freeze-ahead meals.

Here is my plan for this week... Subject to change, because I forgot to plan around a few engagements on our calendar!
I started writing this on our large dry erase board until 2 year old Bunny decided he could write on it, too. The result was quite a scribbled menu! Time for a new idea... I decided to write on the top portion of the fridge, where he can't reach, and let him use the bottom half to scribble on.

I want to work on menu planning every week, so I'll select another habit to specifically focus on for this week:

Mini goal: Singing!
I was inspired to chose singing because I have been memorizing Colossians 3, and verse 16 kept popping up at me. In my own words, "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching one another in songs, singing to God with thankfulness in your hearts." Wow, Singing is pretty important!

I can remember as a child how carefree and relaxed life was when Mom sang as she worked. If Mom was happy, all was right in our play world, too. Truly, a mother's attitude affects the whole family!
Even if I don't feel like singing, I know my mood will improve if I just do it anyways. There's nothing like singing to lift the spirits.

Singing washes the dust out of everyday life. Paige
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