Monday, March 5, 2012

Menu plan... and How to have a clean fridge

I found the key for loving my weekly routine ! Now I tell myself, My routine is not a to-do list, it is just my focus for the day. If something doesn't get done on Friday, no stressing out. I'll just make it a priority when next Friday comes around. Honestly, I love having a weekly routine!!

On to menu planning. Here is what we enjoyed this week....

Tex Mex Chicken
This was good! I will probably use my own rice and spagetti noodles next time just so I don't spend money on prepackaged food. Hope I can make it just as good. :)

Crockpot Salsa Chicken
I shredded the chicken, stirred in sour cream and salsa. We ate it as a dip with tortilla chips. Yum! Any hot chicken would work for this delicious dip. Go ahead and use your favorite marinade.

Cheesy Garlic Pizza

This was good! We dipped the slices in spagetti sauce to compensate for the dryness. And we all wanted the leftovers the next day.

Chicken Bundles
Best chicken spread I've ever had! Super easy, too!

Cheesy Chicken Ranch Casserole
Yum! The ranch dressing mix took it up another notch!

This week's focus... I read a cleaning tip this week: "wash out your fridge each time you go shopping, before putting items away." I thought about that. Sounds like a good idea! But my fridge is filthy. And right after I get home from shopping isn't a good time; I'm exhausted... baby's crying... it's time to eat... Something is sure to keep me from following thru on this one.

I could wash it out before I leave for town. It would take less then 5 minutes (after a really good cleaning!). But that doesn't strike me either. Maybe someday I'll adopt that habit and add it to Monday's weekly routine. But for now, I found a method I like better. Especially, considering the deplorable state of my fridge.

So, my new habit for this week is to clean part of the fridge every day. Whichever part I feel like. At least half a shelf. I'll also reorganize, in hopes of finding a better system...

BTW, can anyone tell me how to keep these pictures from getting too big??

I'll be linking up to Menu Plan Monday and Susie QT Pie meal planning .



  1. Wow! Your menu looks tasty! Thanks for linking it up today. I gave your post a pin on Pinterest!

  2. A fridge clearing out plan that works for me is having a leftovers night. That is a great time to get all the old plastic containers out of there and if you're motivated enough even wipe it down, though sadly that part doesn't usually happen at my house, lol!
    For the pics, on the page where you write and edit your post, you can click on the pic and you'll see a bar pop up. You can choose small, med, large, and extra large. Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks, Renee! I'm so glad top have figured out those picture sizes!
    I usually do leftover lunch whenever there is enough to feed us all. I haven't been in the habit of wiping down the fridge at the same time, but that is a good idea!

  4. Good reminders to keep it simple in home organization. Sometimes I come up with elaborate plans but simple is more likely to got done.


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